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Originally from Los Angeles, the couple of musicians of PWR CPL transports us in a soul-electronic with elegance and originality with their first EP BLKS: FEEL. 
Created in 2017, PWR CPL (Power Couple) is composed of Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine. This very nice duo amazes us with their creativity and artistic maturity. The two members write, compose and sing; what a beautiful parity with these two.
It is rare to immediately feel the different musical influences of a group especially when they are multiple such as soul, rap, pop or jazz without one taking precedence over another. Jon meticulously captures each other's strengths in order to offer productions where instruments have an important and decisive place.
Their new mini project composed of 4 tracks, entitled BLKS , will be released in the form of 4 parts, the first available is BLKS: FEEL. It is carried by the limpid voice of Summer Jasmine which very quickly marks the sound identity of PWR CPL. Jon, also on vocals, always has his soothing side when he accompanies Summer and it is the strength of PWR CPL, a fusion and an incredible understanding between the two protagonists.
Special mentions to the titles "Alone in the same room" and "Decisions" which take us in a whirlwind of sounds like a timeless journey filled with good vibrations.

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Right in time for International Women's Day, Los Angeles based duo PWR CPL has released a strong feminist single called “Like Fire.” The song gives very enlivening and uplifting vibes thanks to its vivid melodies and sampling. And the throwback feel of 2000s R&B makes the track even more charming. Summer Mencher’s confident vocals sound absolutely lovely and clear. On “Like Fire,” the duo masterfully sends a powerful, furious message wrapped up in a polished pop sound.

PWR CPL 3 2020.JPG

The PWR CPL delivers a rousing, fiery single with an apt title “Like Fire” as the new month rolls in. The track has a very energetic feel with its infectious percussions, rumbling drums that hit like a mack truck and rumbling low-frequency bassline that keeps everything in line. Frontwoman Summer Jasmine waste no time and delivers a solid performance that showcases her unique songwriting style and versatility. She totally owns the track with her sing-songy rap style blending the worlds of RnB and hip-hop.

The duo further explains that the record is a tribute to women’s empowerment and to celebrate International Women’s Day.


R&B duo PWR CPL based out of Los Angles finally released their insanely dancey tune “Like Fire”. The duo consists of incredibly talented co-producers, songwriters and vocalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine, blending their styles to create a collection of intriguing sounds. Displaying their Jazz, Hip Hop, and Electronic influences heavily through the first part of their 4 part “BLKS” series, titled “BLKS - FEEL”, released in July. Following with part two titled “BLKS - MIND” to be released in the spring of 2020. PWR CPL creates an empowering and soulful message through their music, all while taking time to be advocates for positive change.

“Like Fire” begins with upbeat and powerful production, amplifying Summer Jasmine's energetic vocals. The song incorporates some Pop elements, as well as catchy electronic loops and hi-hats. Not to mention the underlying complex arrangement that Jon Lall has meticulously placed. With playful and empowering lyrics, the energy of the song is something different from what the group has recently released, and we’re blown away at their broad sense of style and ability to create effective music. “Like Fire” is a perfect song for an exciting night out and one to add to your Saturday night playlist. We’re incredibly excited to see what moves PWR CPL makes next.


Los Angeles based Alternative R&B duo, PWR CPL (“Power Couple”) is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine. They just released their new single Like Fire and it’s so good. I like the upbeat melodies. Besides, the hooks are powerful. Furthermore, I am also a fan of the crystal clear vocals and dynamic elements. Lyrically, the song is very impressive. ”Like Fire is about shedding light on the shit we’ve been told to ignore and pretend wasn’t there for way too long. It’s inspired by the #metoo movement, which was started by @taranajaneen and is honor of #womenshistorymonth” PWR CPL says. The Alternative R&B duo always makes good music. Like Fire needs all the attention. Start streaming it now!


There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers. At EARMILK, we call this initiative "The Slice". Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back and relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe. LA-based husband and wife Alt. R&B duo known as PWR CPL blend jazz/RnB and more on their new song "My Stop". A very solemn and soothing track that transports the listener to a whole new alluring dimension aurally speaking. 
Read more HERE 


L.A.-based duo PWR CPL fuses jazz and r&b with pop-driven electronic and the result is "My Stop" - a silky slow-grooves jam.

Fun fact - PWR CPL are not only partners when it comes to crafting music, but also partners in life. The husband/wife duo have released 4 tracks in the past year or so and this feels just the beginning of something great! Read more HERE


We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list...The PWR CPL return with a very heartfelt and ethereal single titled “Vital Signs”. The song is pretty alluring and is helmed by Jon’s emotion-filled singing and rapping while Summer accentuates the overall vibe with ethereal harmonies. Read more HERE


This list carefully chosen by our editorial team consists of the top indie electronic songs by upcoming DJs and producers currently rising in the electronic music industry. Listen to the top and latest indie electronic songs like Can I Live?, Vital Signs, The Same Wavelength on EDM Hunters. Read More HERE


PWR CPL is back with their new single My Stop, a track which sounds phenomenal. The beat is filled with fantastic melodies. In addition, the vocals sound sublime and the lyrics are wonderfully written!

Without any doubt I can say that PWR CPL has made innovative music again, My Stop has all the elements of a perfect track, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible! Read more HERE


First-time on the stage in 2017, members of the American duet PWR CPL (pronounced Power Couple) won the recognition of the public thanks to the amazing ability to combine jazz, soul and R & B with actual dance electronics. Naturally, one could not help but notice these music producers...their new single “My Stop” appeared on the network the other day and fans shouldn’t miss the interesting soul music...Read more HERE


PWR CPL’s debut single “Alone in the Same Room” features Summer on vocals and Jon rapping. It’s about relationships and the highs and lows, full of jazz and low-fi hip hop which can be heard in this track. Read more HERE

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Today we’d like to introduce you to PWR CPL. PWR CPL (pronounced Power Couple) is Jon Lall, from Princeton, NJ, and Summer Mencher, from Boulder, CO. We met at Berklee College of Music in Boston the first week of school. We were total opposites, so naturally fast friends. At the time our music tastes were too different, and our attempts at collaboration were short lived. We needed to go through significant growth as people and musicians, as well as gain the experience of numerous bands and stages before we would be able to write together...Read full article HERE

Vital Signs Cover.jpg


PWR CPL (pronounced Power Couple) is a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, they released their second single, entitled, “Vital Signs”. ‘Vital Signs’ tells a devotional tale of a humble man who expresses the importance of his significant other. When they are together, his vital signs (body temperature, heart rate, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure) flow in a positive and healthy way. ‘Vital Signs’ contains a relatable storyline, soaring vocals, and a climatic ending. Also, the melodic tune is a follow up to the duo’s debut single, entitled, “Alone in the Same Room”...Read full blog post HERE 


PWR CPL has returned recently with their new single Alone In The Same Room, a track which is filled with fantastic R&B and Soul vibes. I love the crystal clear vocals in combination with the great written lyrics. Besides, the soothing melodies are almost hypnotic and will stick in your mind. PWR CPL has made a really good track again, so start streaming Alone In The Same Room right now! ... Read full article HERE 

PWR CPL Greece Landscape 2.jpg

Alone in the Same Room tells a tale of an argumentative couple who are living like strangers inside a house that doesn’t feel like a home. Apparently, they are at odds for various reasons, always fussing and fighting, and constantly blaming each other while their relationship is on a downward slide. [It] contains a relatable storyline, sweet-soul vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with R&B and hip-hop elements. PWR CPL (Summer & Jon) in many ways are total opposites, but musically they gel magically. They formed in 2017 and their sound consists of alternative, R&B, jazz, and low-fi hip-hop music. Also, they are multi-instrumentalists/producers who have toured internationally and written for Grammy-nominated artists. We recommend adding PWR CPL’s “Alone in the Same Room” single to your personal playlist... Read full article HERE


"Alone in the Same Room” is the first single from LA-based husband and wife Alternative R&B duo who go by the moniker PWR CPL. The song is a nice mix of soul, RnB, and hip-hop laced with the duo’s unique style. The record is an honest look at the inner workings of relationships. From ego trips to arguments, pain & pride, to loneliness, it gives a raw account of how far real love is from being just black and white.

Vocalist Summer takes the helm of most of the parts with her lush, angelic vocal tone while Jon switches the vibe with a solid verse later on in the song...Read full article HERE 


PWR CPL, (pronounced Power Couple) formed in 2017, is a husband and wife Alt. R&B duo out of Los Angeles, California. In many ways, they are total opposites, which is why they make such a strong team both musically and in life. These polarities form a highly charged and magnetic energy, balancing extremes in style and vibe. As multi-instrumentalists, producers, songwriters and performers, they have toured internationally, written for Grammy nominated artists and played for crowds of thousands. With a reimagined sound and a new wave of inspiration, they are positioned to make a big impact this coming year.

This is PWR CPL’s first single, featuring Summer on vocals and Jon rapping (at 2 minutes in.) It’s about relationships and the highs and lows, how we can feel more alone sometimes with our partner than when we are by ourselves. The groove hits and the harmonies are haunting. We love jazz and low-fi hip hop which can be heard in this track... Read full article HERE 

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