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Los Angeles based Alternative Pop/R&B duo, PWR CPL (“Power Couple”) is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Jon Lall and Summer Jasmine. As co-producers, songwriters and vocalists with contrasting musical upbringings and sensibilities, they balance one another. Phase 1 of their 4 part BLKS (pronounced "blocks") series FEEL showcases their jazz, hip-hop and electronic influences, which was followed by their single "Like Fire" celebrating International Women's Day. “Higher Love” shows a more cinematic and romantic side, which is being accompanied by their first music video. The much anticipated Phase 2 of BLKS entitled MIND is scheduled to drop alongside their first short film. PWR CPL is committed to harnessing the power of music for positive change and dedicates a portion of their time to creative outreach in underserved communities locally and abroad.

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